The CX Transformation That Revitalized HP’s Printer Business

Daggerwing Group is proud to be HP’s strategic partner in creating a culture of customer obsession that transformed their printing business.

The Hewlett-Packard split resulted in HP Inc. (HP) owning the computer and printer business at a time when the printer market was becoming increasingly commoditized with pockets of decline. After taking an honest look at the state of their business, HP found that they were facing industry challenges, a product centric mindset and siloed ways of working.

To combat this, a culture change was needed to move from product and feature focused innovation to putting customers’ unmet needs at the center of everything they do.

In partnership with Daggerwing Group, HP cultivated motivation and alignment for an org wide transformation. Working with the product and marketing teams, “change champions,” agency partners and research/analytics vendors, we pieced together the existing customer experience and built a platform to allow for continuous improvement of that experience.

Through this case study, customer experience leaders can learn how our key efforts allowed HP to achieve gains in both CX culture and, ultimately, their bottom line.

Key Takeaways

Leverage existing cultural traits
A CX culture change does not mean forgetting your identity.

Bring CX into product development and launch
HP saw sales goals surpassed when insights, product, and marketing teams worked together.

Have an airtight implementation process
HP’s prioritization and implementation process was repeatable and adapted by teams globally.

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