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Anthropy Panel Discussion: Moving from ESG Intention to Environmental & Social Impact: How Can Businesses Successfully Navigate This Journey?


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), is the new business must-have, and leaders are rightly committing to ambitious targets and strategies. But while developing the strategy itself may feel like a daunting task, integrating and operationalising that strategy can be even harder and more complex. To do so successfully requires real change across organisations. And with many companies already feeling behind, it’s critical to get the change right the first time.

At Anthropy, Daggerwing Group held a panel discussion where we heard from business leaders’ experiences of what it takes to successfully navigate this journey and the pitfalls to avoid.

For more information on the panelists, the Daggerwing ESG POV, and how to get in touch, click through the booklet below:  

Andy is a Senior Principal and a member of the global leadership team at Daggerwing Group. In his role, Andy serves as a source of strategic counsel to Executives of many of the world’s largest companies facing major business transformation challenges – from mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs, to enterprise-level changes to culture, ways of working, and operating models. A specialist in the people side of change, Andy brings almost 20 years of experience helping drive Executive Alignment, leadership change readiness, and effective employee engagement to ensure change happens and sticks. Andy is an active speaker, thought leadership writer, and catalyst for service innovation within Daggerwing. In his spare time, he is on a quest to try every cheese the UK produces.
Liz is a Senior Principal and a member of the global leadership team at Daggerwing Group, applying her background in Organizational Psychology and more than 20-years of consulting experience to serving as a source of strategic counsel on change to Executives of many of the world’s largest firms. From managing the people side of major global mergers and acquisitions to helping firms strengthen culture, sharpen leader decision-making speed, bust silos, implement new ways of working and adopt new capabilities, Liz is an expert in driving sustained business impact and improved employee performance. Liz is also an active speaker and thought leadership producer, as well as a driver of service innovation within Daggerwing. Since COVID curtailed Liz’s life of traveling the world on business transformation assignments she had finally found time for something she’s always wanted to do: train to be a Level 3 ITC Professional Massage Therapist.