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CEOs see culture as a way to make strategy happen. Learn how to create and connect a culture vision tied to strategy, put leaders at the helm of change, turn implementation into a human movement, and embed it into daily employee behaviors (even when the boss isn’t in the room).


#3FastFacts – Transforming Your Culture?

As leaders figure out which future of work model to implement, they will need to keep their culture in place. In this episode of #3FastFacts, we share key insights about … Continued


Empathy: The Leadership Tool You Need to Sharpen

Historically, empathy and compassion have been viewed as “soft” leadership skills – nice to have but not imperative. Recently, that perception has shifted and empathy has quickly risen to become … Continued


Episode 6: The Troubled Culture at Uber

In this episode, host Chris Thornton interviews New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac, whose Uber coverage won the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business reporting. They discuss the troubled … Continued


Double Down on Culture

In the last webinar of our Crisis to Momentum series, we discussed how organizations and leaders have had to pivot quickly – changing their business models, ways of working, and … Continued


Bringing Your High Growth Culture to Life

In Town Halls around the world, leaders are standing up and telling employees that they now have permission to “fail fast.” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Of course, … Continued


Six Culture Red Flags that can tank your Future of Work Strategy

As the pandemic upended the world of work almost overnight, we saw organizations scramble to maintain the organizational cultures they worked so hard to cultivate. For many, their culture was … Continued

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