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Virtual Work is Here to Stay: Three Key Tips to Help You Succeed

There’s no denying it: virtual work is here to stay. According to Forbes, 25% of all professional jobs in North America are expected to be remote by the end of … Continued


HR Tech Festival: Operationalising ESG: Translating Intention Into Impact

At a recent HR Tech Festival in Singapore, Principal Ning Wong took audience members through a presentation on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), where she discussed the context that has pushed … Continued


Episode 21: The Driving Forces Behind ESG

Johannes Wassenberg, Managing Director at Moody’s Corporation, joins this episode of [email protected] to discuss ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Listen as he and host Chris discuss how ESG has come to the forefront in … Continued


HBR Live: How Business Can Be a Platform for Change

Daggerwing Group was a proud sponsor of HBR Live, Harvard Business Review’s virtual event that featured top CEOs and management thinkers who are driving purpose and profit in an uncertain … Continued


How to Spot Pink Flags Before They Derail Your Next Change Initiative 

Every leader knows that changing or transforming an organization is a difficult journey. Whether they’re implementing a new talent strategy, operationalizing ESG, transforming the culture, or anything in between, there … Continued


Get Digital Transformation Right the First Time: It’s Not About Your Tech, It’s About Your People

2020 has been a make-or-break year for many businesses looking to adapt to new customer needs, introduce new ways of working and shift to new business models. Digital transformation leaders … Continued

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