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Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs. Marketing, digital and CX transformations. Organizational change, new operating models and different ways of working. Learn how to overcome resistance to change – from strategy to sustained execution.


Using AI and transformative tech to super-charge your high performing team: it’s all about moving from reactive to proactive

In one of our most popular thought leadership articles ever on, we looked at the link between building dynamic teams and business outcomes – and shared the importance of getting to … Continued


Attention HR Leaders: What to do when it’s time to transform your function

As an HR professional, you are no stranger to organizational transformation. You’ve been at the forefront of a range of restructures, efficiency drives, change programs, and culture rollouts – all … Continued


Episode 35: Helping Leaders to Operationalize Growth

Susan Odle is the Founder & CEO of 8020CS — a strategic consultancy that helps leaders and leadership teams learn how to successfully operationalize strategic plans and change initiatives. She … Continued


Transforming into a High-Trust Company: 4 Proven Steps

In a time of economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and the threat of GenAI automating the labor market, people are looking to their organizations for stability and answers. This of course … Continued


Episode 34: Positioning Education as a Business Imperative

Justin van Fleet, President of Theirworld and Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition for Education, joins us on this episode of Change@Work. He and host, Chris Thornton, discuss the … Continued


The Conference Board Presentation: Operationalizing ESG: Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Impact

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), is the new business must-have, emerging as a long-term business strategy for growth and risk protection. Both leaders and employees understand the increasing importance of … Continued

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