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#3FastFacts – Evolving Your Customer Experience?

Now more than ever, a company’s customer experience can give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. To learn how to evolve your CX to a higher standard, listen to … Continued


Get Digital Transformation Right the First Time: It’s Not About Your Tech, It’s About Your People

2020 has been a make-or-break year for many businesses looking to adapt to new customer needs, introduce new ways of working and shift to new business models. Digital transformation leaders … Continued


#3FastFacts – Transforming Your Culture?

As leaders figure out which future of work model to implement, they will need to keep their culture in place. In this episode of #3FastFacts, we share key insights about … Continued


Digital Transformation Can’t Happen if We Don’t Address Emotional Change

From an employee perspective in 2020, our ‘stop’ and ‘fast-forward’ buttons have pressed repeatedly. And given the current global environment, there’s more pressure than ever before on businesses and employees … Continued


Making Working Outside the Office Work

Organizations around the world are mandating that employees work from home in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and to take care of the health and safety of … Continued


#3FastFacts – Bringing in Internal Communications?

Any business transformation, regardless of how big or small, will benefit from bringing in internal communications from the start. Here are #3FastFacts on how to engage internal comms as a … Continued


#3FastFacts – Attracting and Retaining Top Talent?

If you want to attract and retain top business talent for your organization, showcasing a strong Employer Value Proposition is a must. In this episode of #3FastFacts, we walk through … Continued


#3FastFacts – Preparing for an Upcoming M&A?

Is your business preparing for an upcoming M&A? In this episode of #3FastFacts, we share the must-haves for a successful Day 1, including how to have empathy for employees, how … Continued

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