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Five Surprising Truths of Great Org Design

‘We’re going to re-structure the business.’    This short sentence evokes an array of questions, thoughts, and emotions. For leaders, it’s an opportunity to improve efficiencies, enhance performance, and increase profit … Continued


A Guide to Personalizing Your Organizations’ Approach to Change

In 2022, according to Statista, there were 3.32 billion people employed worldwide. And among those 3.32 billion, not a single person is the same. Everyone’s lives have been shaped by … Continued


How the Return of VUCA can be Turned into Competitive Advantage with Organsational Development Expertise

This article was co-created in discussions between Daggerwing Group and Virgin Media O2 colleagues as we explored the future role of Organisational Development within a broader area of people-centred change … Continued


Why It’s Essential to Build a Learning Culture Right Now

Innovation. Agility. Adaptability. Right now, these are three attributes that organizations – and employees – must exhibit to best deal with the complex challenges that businesses and the world are … Continued


Are You Failing to Prepare the Next Generation of C-Suite Leaders?

As published in the Harvard Business Review “Let’s just get through this.” For many people leaders, that’s been the mantra for the past three years. “Let’s just get through this … Continued


How are organizations making every day Mother’s Day at work?

Being a working mother can be empowering – from feeling a sense of purpose and pride to having more financial independence to being a role model for children and peers. … Continued

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Think fast, build slow: how corporate sustainability strategies actually work

As published in the Sunday Times UK Leaders can face a degree of decision paralysis when walking the talk on sustainability. But there are routes to make operationalising sustainability second … Continued


New Year, Same Uncertainty: What Leaders Can do to Reduce the Negative Impact on Employees 

If the past three years have taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty in business is a certainty. An unforeseen pandemic completely changed the world of work. Social unrest forced organizations … Continued

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