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Change psychology allows us to tap into why people do and don’t want to change. Learn how to use that human insight to successfully design and execute plans that shift employees’ actions and behaviors.


This is Your Brain on Ambiguity

Periods of uncertainty aren’t new in the world of work, but the past two years have caused profound disruption for both employees and employers. Everything from working models, culture, talent … Continued


How Your Language Strategy Can Make or Break Transformation Success

Language in the workplace Whether an organization is changing its ways of working, giving its Employer Value Proposition a refresh, or transforming its culture, the role of language is sometimes … Continued


Five Employee Biases That Can Make or Break Your Hybrid Working Model

70% of US and EU companies have announced they are shifting to a hybrid working model. But how ready are your employees and people managers to adapt to this new … Continued


Help Your Team Overcome Change Resistance: The Dos and Don’ts of the Psychology of Change

If you are a business leader today, you know that employee resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges you face. Particularly in a pandemic and its aftermath! But … Continued


The Power of Storytelling to Drive Change

In charge of change? Know when to use storytelling and when to stick to facts to help make your transformation a success. Leaders everywhere are facing another round of difficult … Continued


Episode 12: Using Cognitive Biases to Guide Change

In this episode, host Chris Thornton welcomes back Maria Dodd and dives into the different cognitive biases, why they matter, and how they drive behavior. They discuss where these biases … Continued

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