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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report: Emerging Strategies For Operationalizing Sustainability Efforts

As originally published by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Daggerwing Group is proud to sponsor a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report on “Emerging Strategies For Operationalizing Sustainability Efforts.” 

For years, global businesses — and global business leaders — have been focusing on why they need a sustainability strategy and what to set as goals and deadlines. What’s been neglected, however, is how to actually operationalize those strategies and pull the strategy throughout the entire organization.

As a global change consultancy, Daggerwing Group sponsored this report to bring the challenges in operationalizing sustainability — across every function, division, and employee — to light in an actionable way. You’ll find in the following pages that this report reveals a growing awareness of just how significantly different sustainability transformation is compared to actioning other corporate change strategies. Hitting sustainability goals, on a deadline, will require massive shifts across every area and individual in the business — from transforming processes, ways of working, and decision-making, to mindset and behavior change that impacts culture.

As the report shows, many companies underestimate the change management challenges associated with meeting sustainability goals. That’s because a one-size-fits-all approach won’t overcome the sheer complexity required to balance both finance and sustainability in the now — and the longer term.

Daggerwing, as the sponsor, could not be more thrilled about the findings in this report. Every aspect serves as a useful guide to all leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves and truly operationalize their sustainability strategy.

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