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HBR Live: How Business Can Be a Platform for Change

Daggerwing Group was a proud sponsor of HBR Live, Harvard Business Review’s virtual event that featured top CEOs and management thinkers who are driving purpose and profit in an uncertain world.

One of the featured CEOs, Marc Benioff, Chair & Co-CEO of Salesforce, delivered a session on ‘How Business Can Be a Platform for Change.’

As an advocate for stakeholder capitalism, Benioff explored the recent cultural shift away from shareholder priorities, and why organizations are moving towards a more holistic approach that manages the expectations of all stakeholders. In this session, Marc covered how the role of leadership is changing within organizations, and how to address the new priority areas that are cropping up for people leaders.

Key takeaways on ESG and sustainability.
Key takeaways from this description about change management include the importance of GenAI and DEI.