Shrinking the Time from Recovery to Growth

In our lifetime, it has never been more challenging for business leaders around the world to stay focused on recovery; especially when they are fighting off insolvency and making difficult decisions that affect the livelihoods of their people.

As your business deals with either changing or slowing customer needs, or the anticipation of a surge in demand when restrictions lift, it will be critical for you as a leader to shrink the time from recovery to growth. Planning for this as early as possible will give you the best chance of success.

At Daggerwing Group, we have done research with 500 organizations across seven countries on the organizational capabilities’ companies need to succeed within highly volatile and uncertain environments – just like the one we are in right now.

We’ve identified that to shift quickly from recovery to growth, organizations must be able to adapt at speed: responding quickly to changing conditions and pivoting to a new course of action.

The best way to do that is by being a “Liquid” company. So, what does this mean?

Organizations are either solid, liquid or gaseous (bear with me for a minute) and this impacts how the entire organization – from leaders to employee teams – is able to adapt to uncertainty, at speed.

  • When a company is solid, it is imprisoned by its structured processes and bureaucratic culture, and is slow to respond – resulting in lost opportunity and disengaged employees.
  • When a company is gaseous, it may be quick to respond, but lacks direction, consistency and focus – leaving customers and employees confused.
  • When a company is liquid, it uses continuous adaptability as a competitive weapon, and is always able to act fast and predict customer needs, with a clear purpose that empowers employees.

When a company is Liquid it embeds the four capabilities of Pioneering, Dialed-In, Agile and Transparent into its operations and culture; from how strategy is developed to how the work gets done.

Daggerwing Group has just introduced the next evolution of our popular Liquid Change solution: a new 4-week organizational effectiveness diagnostic that rapidly identifies ‘adaptability readiness.’ It is an easy way to collect views from leaders, employees and other stakeholders to gauge the current state of the organization and identify the top three to five priority areas for change that will improve how well it can adapt at speed.

How can the Liquid Change diagnostic help companies adapt at speed? Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing: How can we rapidly adjust processes and deal with scale variability?
  • Travel and Tourism: How can we transition from the devastating effects of demand drop-off to be ready for a surge…all while rethinking our entire business model?
  • Financial Services: How can we rapidly add products and services customers need now, while shifting to a more sustainable human and customer-centric culture?

Get in touch with Daggerwing Group to find out how the Liquid Change diagnostic can improve how well your organization adapts at speed; making it the advantage you need to accelerate your company’s recovery.

Ning is a Principal at Daggerwing Group. She lives to excite change from insights to ideation and implementation across business strategy, brand culture, and organizational design to transform companies. Her work reflects her enthusiasm for leading in the new, working to identify growth with stakeholders to help them create and own their future. Spend enough time with her and you'll find yourself getting excited about the disruptive trends in Asia Pacific, human-centered systems thinking, and visual facilitation.
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