The Conference Board Webinar: Retaining and Recruiting Talent During “The Great Resignation”


In the world before Covid, businesses were investing heavily in culture – leading to higher retention rates, more productivity, and better business outcomes. But now, at a time when we are seeing the greatest levels of employee turnover in recent history, leaders are facing a new set of urgent challenges: winning the new war on talent, retaining their top people, and leveraging culture to ensure employees feel more connected to the business than ever before.

In this webinar with The Conference Board, we bust talent retention myths, layout the new “Employee Priority List,” and share how to design a culture that retains top talent and encourages others to join. Watch below to learn more: 

Katie is a Principal at Daggerwing Group. Her expertise ranges from communications strategy, planning and execution; training and leadership development design and facilitation; workshop design and facilitation; organizational culture analysis and change; and stakeholder mapping and analysis. Her favorite projects, however, are her quest to fill up her passport with as many new stamps as possible, making her cat Peanut an Instagram celebrity, and crafting the perfect Spotify playlist.
Tiana Ritchell is an Associate Principal at Daggerwing Group. Her past experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development gives her unique insight into the human element of strategic communications and change management. She is passionate about helping companies drive cultural transformation in a way that delivers results, while speaking to employees and meeting them where they are. Outside of work, Tiana enjoys cooking for family and friends – especially traditional Italian dishes!
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