The Conference Board: Attracting and Retaining Talent Amid ‘The Great Resignation’


In the world before Covid, businesses were investing heavily in culture – leading to higher retention rates, more productivity, and better business outcomes. But now, at a time when we are seeing the greatest levels of employee turnover in recent history, leaders are facing a new set of urgent challenges: winning the new war on talent, retaining their top people, and leveraging culture to ensure employees feel more connected to the business than ever before. To be successful, leaders need to mitigate the risks of culture cracks that emerged during the Covid era – and make sure that they don’t break wide open and add to the stream of resignations companies are already facing. In this session, Daggerwing Group – a top-ten rated global change consultancy with clients such as HPE, Nestlé, Dropbox, Pfizer, and more – will share proven ways to create a culture system that builds on past investments, fosters an environment that is based on connections, and drives more top talent to join – and stay at – your organization. Watch the video below to learn more:

Liz is a Senior Principal and a member of the global leadership team at Daggerwing Group, applying her background in Organizational Psychology and more than 20-years of consulting experience to serving as a source of strategic counsel on change to Executives of many of the world’s largest firms. From managing the people side of major global mergers and acquisitions to helping firms strengthen culture, sharpen leader decision-making speed, bust silos, implement new ways of working and adopt new capabilities, Liz is an expert in driving sustained business impact and improved employee performance. Liz is also an active speaker and thought leadership producer, as well as a driver of service innovation within Daggerwing. Since COVID curtailed Liz’s life of traveling the world on business transformation assignments she had finally found time for something she’s always wanted to do: train to be a Level 3 ITC Professional Massage Therapist.
Chris Thornton is a Senior Principal and member of the global leadership team at Daggerwing Group. In his role, Chris serves as a source of strategic counsel for Senior Executives with client firms, advising them on how to help clients achieve Executive alignment, transform their cultures and equip and enable people managers to lead and embed change. An expert in the people side of change with both client-side and consulting experience, Chris has worked with leading companies including Nestlé, Pfizer, and GE Aviation to do change right and make it stick. He is also an active speaker on business transformation, a driver of innovation in Daggerwing’s breadth of change consulting services, and the host of Daggerwing Group’s podcast, [email protected] Chris and his wife were featured in the New York Times for their love of pie.
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