Double Down on Culture

In the last webinar of our Crisis to Momentum series, we discussed how organizations and leaders have had to pivot quickly – changing their business models, ways of working, and leading styles overnight – all in the context of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. Next up, we will discuss where cultures are shining and how cultures will need to strengthen as we enter into the future of work.

In this quick webinar we discuss:

  • New ways of working and behaviors needed to succeed
  • The cultural attributes to keep or discard moving forward
  • How to rebuild your culture for future success

About the presenters

Headshot of Kate MacPherson
Kate MacPherson
Principal, Creative Director

Kate is an award-winning Creative Director at Daggerwing Group. She has over 13 years of experience in the creative industry and consulting combined. Kate blends her wide experience at Daggerwing, bringing creative planning, strategy, and execution to the group. She is passionate about delivering positive results through effective and breakthrough branding work in the space of internal communications and employee experience.​ She loves a good business challenge and working with teams to crack culture, branding, and transformation challenges.

Headshot of Tiana Ritchell
Tiana Ritchell
Managing Consultant

Tiana Ritchell is a Managing Consultant at Daggerwing Group. Her past experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development gives her unique insight into the human element of strategic communications and change management. She is passionate about helping companies drive cultural transformation in a way that delivers results, while speaking to employees and meeting them where they are.

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