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Lex Rees

Lex Rees is a Senior Consultant at Daggerwing Group. Fascinated by how humans and organizations respond to change, her background in communications and sport have seen her develop a particular passion for culture change and how we communicate during times of uncertainty. Outside of work, Lex enjoys walking, cycling, and really, really good coffee.


3 Key Insights from Leaders Who Acted on Employee Feedback

If you’re a people manager, does this story sound familiar? A conscientious manager at a client firm took time to prepare, as usual, for a quarterly touch-base with one of … Continued


How Your Language Strategy Can Make or Break Transformation Success

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Why a Shift in Mindset Can Help Restore Your Team’s Creativity and Productivity

We’re not just working from home. We’re finding a completely different way to work around life.   After months of remote working, everyone is finding a way to balance their personal and professional lives – often blending the two by … Continued

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