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FASTTrack: Diagnostic to Traction in 30 Days

When Daggerwing Group asks clients “When do you need the change to happen?”, they usually emphatically say “Yesterday!”

For executives responsible for rapid business transformation, it’s critical to demonstrate visible traction fast. That’s why Daggerwing Group developed a suite of services called FASTTrack. Every one of these customizable methodologies is designed to take leadership teams from diagnostic to decision-making and an action plan in just 30 days.


  • WHAT IT IS: Interactive and engaging assessment and workshop that leverages Daggerwing Group’s proprietary, research-based approach to improving organizational effectiveness: Liquid Changesm.
  • PROBLEM IT SOLVES: Provides leaders with a rapid, engaging and real-time interactive way to audit the organization against the characteristics of companies with optimal ability to adapt to the increasing pace of change. This proven approach energizes leadership teams with tools, techniques and a roadmap to drive and sustain employee engagement around business transformation.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: C-Suite Executives, Division Leaders and Senior-Level People Leaders.


  • WHAT IT IS: Proven tool-based facilitated approach to bust through silos and get senior leaders aligned on priorities that have the biggest impact on customer experience and business results – in the fastest and most feasible way possible.
  • PROBLEM IT SOLVES: Business transformations are derailed by silos and competing agendas at the senior levels. Budgets based on functional needs may not address top customer and business needs. The easy-to-use objective prioritization tool gets cross-functional leaders to rapidly align on the right choices for their company.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: CEOs and C-Suite, Division Leader and Senior Team Members.


  • WHAT IT IS: Rapid approach that helps marketing leaders focus on priorities to accelerate marketing transformations.
  • PROBLEM IT SOLVES: Marketing leaders are frustrated with the slow pace of marketing transformations – even when they have implemented new agency models and have invested heavily in ad tech. Internal barriers – skills, processes, silos and bad habits – undermine the realization of business value of marketing in new ways.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: CMOs and Senior Marketing / Comms Executives.


  • WHAT IT IS: Workshop and follow-up planning to generate a practical plan for all the internal “human” challenges leaders face as they implement the next level of digital transformation.
  • PROBLEM IT SOLVES: With the rapid pace of change in technology and customer behavior, companies are in a constant state of Digital Transformation – and it is exhausting! Beyond investments in technology, leaders are dealing with employee change fatigue, skill gaps, global vs. local challenges and figuring out how to put data at the center of every decision. Our approach helps identify ways to overcome barriers and move to the next level.
  • WHO IT’S FOR: Marketing and Communications Leaders, Digital / eCommerce Leaders, Product Managers and Division Heads.