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Episode 33: Navigating Disruption Through Deep Collaboration

Dr Tanvi Gautam, MD, Founder of Leadershift Inc., Global HR influencer, Program director & faculty at Singapore Management University (ExD) and author joins us for this episode of Change@Work. She and … Continued

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Anthropy23 Panel Discussion: Breaking down sustainability obstacles

With external pressures, many organizations have set ambitious sustainability goals. But few actually know how to action them. At this year’s Anthropy, Daggerwing Group Senior Principal, Andy Rugeroni, sat down … Continued

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Achieving Your Sustainability Goals Through a Human-Centered Approach

As published on Sustainable Brands Daggerwing Group’s Michelle Mahony discusses operationalizing sustainability strategy, purpose-washing, and equipping teams to be ambitious in the face of the greatest challenges of our time. … Continued


#3FastFacts: Using Quiet Hiring to Accelerate Growth and Development

With leaders looking to minimize costs and optimize their workforce, Quiet Hiring has become a top trend for 2023 — encouraging internal mobility and helping to identify those who are … Continued


Episode 32: Pouring into Sustainability – From Seed to Cup

Natalie Webb, founder and Executive Director of Cafecita Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster that sources all beans from sustainable, women-owned coffee farms and co-ops, joins us for this episode of … Continued


With aggressive sustainability targets looming, how can HR unlock meaningful progress?

From regulatory pressures to consumer and investor demands and brand reputation, it has become imperative that organizations develop a sustainability strategy. But focusing on why it’s needed and what to … Continued


Preparing Your People for GenAI: What We’ve Learned So Far

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, one of the most significant technological advancements has been the rise of GenAI. While this revolutionary technology has brought about significant … Continued


Episode 31: Learning about Change and Leadership Through Crisis

Eric McNulty, Associate Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, an instructor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and co-author of the book, You’re It: … Continued

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