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Are You Failing to Prepare the Next Generation of C-Suite Leaders?

As published in the Harvard Business Review “Let’s just get through this.” For many people leaders, that’s been the mantra for the past three years. “Let’s just get through this … Continued


Episode 29: Championing DE&I in a Climate of Apathy & Economic Uncertainty

Daniel Oppong, founder of The Courage Collective, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy, joins us again on this episode of [email protected] He and host, Chris Thornton, discuss the evolution of … Continued


How are organizations making every day Mother’s Day at work?

Being a working mother can be empowering – from feeling a sense of purpose and pride to having more financial independence to being a role model for children and peers. … Continued

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The Conference Board: Why it’s Essential to Build a Learning Culture Within Organizations & How to Do It

Building a culture of learning is key to moving organizations into the future. In this webcast, in partnership with The Conference Board, Daggerwing Group Principal, Henrietta Bennett, and Associate Principal, … Continued


The Economist’s Sustainability Week: Operationalizing Sustainability Strategies

At the Economist’s 8th Annual Sustainability Week in London, Daggerwing Co-Founder and President, Cheryl Ferguson, and Senior Principal, Andy Rugeroni discussed “Operationalizing Sustainability Strategies: What’s Standing in the Way of … Continued


Episode 28: Rethinking How We Approach Philanthropy

Brian Crimmins, CEO of Changing Our World, a trusted social impact consulting firm that advises leading corporations and nonprofit organizations, joins us for this episode of [email protected] He and host … Continued

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Think fast, build slow: how corporate sustainability strategies actually work

As published in the Sunday Times UK Leaders can face a degree of decision paralysis when walking the talk on sustainability. But there are routes to make operationalising sustainability second … Continued


HBRat100: Purposeful Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

At HBRat100: The Future of Business, Daggerwing Group Managing Partner, Michelle Mahony joined a panel with Ranjay Gulati, Harvard Business School Professor, and author, to discuss “Purposeful Leadership in an … Continued

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