The Conference Board Webinar: Reinventing EVP: What Companies Need Now to Attract and Retain Top Talent


How can you build a truly magnetic organization after the seismic shift in peoples’ workplace perceptions? In this webinar with The Conference Board, Daggerwing Group Principal, Paul Thallner and Associate Principal, Rasshmi Shankar share how to create a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that fully delivers on their company’s employee-experience promise. Watch the presentation to learn about:

  • Why companies are struggling to attract and retain top talent
  • The seismic attitude shifts employees have made over the past 18-24 months
  • The five truths of a winning Employee Value Proposition

Paul is a Principal at Daggerwing Group and the author of Reinventing Resilience. In his previous experience, Paul led major culture integration, transformation, and workplace analysis projects as a Partner at Great Place to Work and at his own consultancy, High Peaks Group. He has extensive experience working with executive teams to identify and implement strategic change initiatives. Paul began his career mobilizing change at scale in the public education sector and has held leadership positions in non-profit, government, and private-sector organizations. He enjoys learning to play guitar, long-distance cycling, and rescuing dogs (41 so far). He has a wife and son who love travel experiences as much as he does.
Rasshmi Shankar is an Associate Principal at Daggerwing Group. Her experience includes supporting global clients in the payments, pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing industries to transform their cultures, bolster the employee experience, develop future of work strategies and define their vision and purpose. She is most passionate about driving practical, actionable change and creating people-centric cultures that foster authentic leadership and innovative thinking. Outside of work, you can find Rasshmi trying her hand at Improv or with her sketch pad and a strong cup of ginger tea.
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