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Imogen Yates

Imogen Yates is an Associate Principal at Daggerwing Group. With a background in Human & Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy, Imogen is passionate about marrying the people side of change with business strategy. She works to bring both leaders and employees on board to make change happen and make it last. ​Imogen’s experience includes using practical and human-centered strategies to drive tangible results for clients. She specializes in transforming company cultures and the employee experience, as well as driving both leadership alignment and team effectiveness.


Three Culture Quick Wins to Drive Business Results

Between the economic and geopolitical uncertainty and the rapid rise in technological advancements and AI, leaders are facing multifaceted challenges that demand innovative solutions and strategic foresight. They must work … Continued


Why It’s Essential to Build a Learning Culture Right Now

Innovation. Agility. Adaptability. Right now, these are three attributes that organizations – and employees – must exhibit to best deal with the complex challenges that businesses and the world are … Continued


The Conference Board: Why it’s Essential to Build a Learning Culture Within Organizations & How to Do It

Building a culture of learning is key to moving organizations into the future. In this webcast, in partnership with The Conference Board, Daggerwing Group Principal, Henrietta Bennett, and Associate Principal, … Continued


How to Spot Pink Flags Before They Derail Your Next Change Initiative 

Every leader knows that changing or transforming an organization is a difficult journey. Whether they’re implementing a new talent strategy, operationalizing ESG, transforming the culture, or anything in between, there … Continued


#3FastFacts: Preparing for the Future Workplace?

Transitioning to a new workplace model has its challenges, but there are ways to make this process as smooth as possible. We’re sharing #3FastFacts on how to provide flexibility, build … Continued


The Future of Work is Human: Top Five Trends to Watch

While everyone is rushing to make sense of the new unfolding future of work, there’s one overarching observation that stands out to Daggerwing Group: the future of work is more … Continued


Reinventing the All Employee Meeting Experience

Town halls. All employee meetings. Fireside chats. The name may differ but the premise is the same: bring employees together on a regular basis to inform them on key business … Continued


The Future of Work: Three Trends to Watch

Self-management. 5G level mobility. The gig economy. Here’s a helpful guide on 3 Future of Work trends that are going mainstream. The future of work. It’s a phrase being used … Continued

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