Transitioning to a new workplace model has its challenges, but there are ways to make this process as smooth as possible. We’re sharing #3FastFacts on how to provide flexibility, build trust, and put your people and culture first. Watch here:

Imogen Yates is a Managing Consultant at Daggerwing Group in New York. She is passionate about bringing employees onboard to drive successful organizational change and using practical and human-centered strategies to do so. Outside of work, Imogen finds her zen doing pilates and eating pizza. She also follows a lot of animals on Instagram, including an alpaca.
Jordan O'Connor is a Managing Consultant at Daggerwing Group. She has a passion for partnering with clients to successfully navigate change and culture transformation. Jordan has supported clients across a variety of industries in aligning leaders and their key leadership behaviors, bringing company culture to life, and engaging employees in innovative new ways. Jordan is an avid skier and lover of Neapolitan pizza.
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