#3FastFacts – Transforming Your Business?


In the process of a business transformation? Here are #3FastFacts to ensure a smooth transition. Using visuals, keeping employees connected to the company’s purpose, and empowering employees as champions of change can go a long way in making employees feel more supported in the midst of change.

Jonny is an Associate Principal at Daggerwing Group with 12 years of consulting experience, spanning cultural transformation, building networks of change advocates and developing organizations’ change and communications capabilities. Recently, Jonny has worked on several projects helping global firms tap into the innovative potential of employees. Jonny has a firm belief that empathy for the impact of change on the individual is key to transformation success – and he has developed a passion for working with clients to bring their employees with them on a journey.
Jessica is a Managing Consultant at Daggerwing Group. She is passionate about the human element of change and about driving, motivating, and engaging employees through organizational transformations. Jessica has been supporting various clients in driving employee engagement, embedding continuous improvement mindsets, creating lasting learning & development experiences, and improving employee technology adoption through delivering and measuring a creative campaign.
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