#3FastFacts – Launching a New Product?

Launching a new banking product to simplify finances for your clients? Listen as we share #3FastFacts to make the new product desirable for both customers and employees. Focusing on the product’s ability to simplify difficult banking processes and address consumer challenges are strong selling points when it comes to introducing a new product.

Isobel Mayers-Head is a Senior Consultant at Daggerwing Group, where she focuses on measuring the impact of change and communications to inform strategies on how to best enable functions to deliver a great employee experience, and help ensure that change sticks. Izzy has experience in change management, organizational development, measurement and research, communications and employee engagement, and is passionate about bringing the ‘human’ side to the work she does. She works across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, banking, non-profit and technology (B2B and B2C).
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