Episode 11: The Role of the Communicator is Changing, Again

In this episode, host Chris Thornton welcomes Katie Sibley, the Director of Communications and Employee Experience at HPE, to reflect on the acceleration of change in 2020 and how communications within organizations have changed forever. They discuss what leaders at HPE have done to shift their attention to areas of wellness, culture, and Inclusion & Diversity, given the unique set of challenges from the past year. Looking ahead to 2021, Katie emphasizes the importance of agility and innovation for leaders as they continue to reimagine the future of work and what it means for employee engagement.

Chris Thornton is a Principal at Daggerwing Group. In his senior role, Chris has worked with leading with companies including Nestle, Amgen, GE Aviation, Cox Communications and Pfizer to do change right and make it stick. He helps clients meet strategic goals by transforming their cultures, and equipping and enabling people managers to lead and embed change. He is also the host of Daggerwing Group’s podcast, [email protected] Chris and his wife were featured in the New York Times for their love of pie.